Honouring Roots in the Third Trend from McCormicks 2012 Flavour Forecast

As a global leader in flavour, with a family of brands in 100 countries, McCormick has been at the forefront of identifying emerging culinary trends with its signature Flavour Forecast and since 2000, this annual report has played a distinctive role in shaping the future of flavour.

This year, McCormick’s 2012 Flavour Forecast identified a number of global themes and reveals a surprising finding - that food lovers around the world have more in common than ever imagined and the third of those themes identified by the UK foodservice team as being of relevance to this sector is ‘Honouring Roots’. 

After extensive research, celebrating the origins of a cuisine - whether ingredient combinations or cooking methods - has been found to be of renewed global interest.  As cultures evolve and lifestyles continuously change, preserving the integrity of regional flavours is crucial to honouring their heritage.  Chefs are inspired by foundation flavours and simple cooking styles and are applying a fresh perspective that balances modern tastes with cultural authenticity.

With the Olympics upon us we have an ideal opportunity to attract customers with inspired recipes that not only showcase the traditional with a modern twist but also combine familiar ingredients with the more unusual.  One flavour combination that has been identified this year by the Flavour Forecast as being ‘on trend’ and one which will demonstrate how in touch chefs are is Korean Pepper Paste with Sesame, Asian Pear and Garlic.  BBQ with a global twist!  In Korean barbecue, powerful ingredients are combined to create an intricate harmony for the senses.  Gaining popularity as a result of interest in global street food and regional live-fire specialties, chefs are celebrating the balance inherent in this tasty heritage; dazzling the taste buds with a unique combination of sweet, sour, savoury and bitter.

Try this simple recipe for Korean BBQ Wings

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