Supplying Your Business

Supplying Your Business

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At McCormick Foodservice we pride ourselves on offering quality, flavourful products which meet the needs of a range of Chefs and Catering Professionals from a broad range of sectors.

But we don’t just see ourselves as a supplier to your business, instead we’d like to think we act as an inspirational partner in creating delicious menus and dishes which are tailored to the individual needs of your business and tastes of your customers.

We go to extraordinary lengths to prepare high quality products that make the lives of chefs easier by delivering taste and flavour consistently and reliably.

We understand the pressure that commercial caterers are under to deliver an ever-higher quality product and real value for money. That is why a small pinch of our herbs and spices is enough to create an explosion of flavour in your dishes, delivering the taste experience that caterers demand with real cost efficiency.

Our reputation as the authority on flavour means that kitchens around the world can rely on McCormick to help them make the most of every meal - every time.

In this section you can read some case studies which demonstrate how we can work with professionals across a range of sectors to inspire a passion for flavour and delight customers.

Where to Buy

Our range of quality, flavourful brands and products are available throughout the UK and Ireland through a range of wholesalers, distributors and cash and carrys.

For more information on where to buy specific products in the UK, please contact our Customer Information Line on 08451 278278 or E-Mail:

For more information on where to buy specific products in Ireland, please contact Excellence Ltd or call : 00353 +1 832 3300 Fax : 00353 +1 832 3584 E-mail :

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