Jumpstart Summertime and Try FIVE Sizzlin Hot Flavour Ideas

chickenwings_grilling_McCormick & Company, Incorporated (NYSE: MKC), a global leader in flavour, has released its annual McCormick Flavour Forecast 2017: GRILLING EDITION.  This grilling-centric report features five sizzling flavours and red-hot techniques that will take your BBQ cooking to the next level – from seared Hawaiian poke to tangy white BBQ sauce and sticky sweet wings with bold black pepper. 

“This summer is all about bringing new inspiration to grilling favourites like burgers, barbecue sauce, potatoes and wings,” said McCormick Executive Chef Kevan Vetter. “Add a twist to your burgers by mixing Korean flavours like sesame, garlic, soy and honey into the patty, then top with an easy grilled kimchi and ginger garlic mayo.  Or put that cast iron skillet to work on the BBQ and create the ultimate sausage and egg hash.”

This year, the McCormick kitchens have teamed up with renowned pit masters and celebrity chefs in the US to bring the season’s must-try ideas to you.  Chefs Dale Talde and Sheldon Simeon and barbecue World Champion, Myron Mixon have created fresh, original recipes on their grills based on a favourite grilling Flavour Forecast trend.  

The FIVE must-grill ideas from the McCormick Flavour Forecast 2017: GRILLING EDITION include:

whitebbqsauce_grilling1. Next Level Korean BBQ Burgers –  Inspired by Tteokgalbi Korean beef patties, these burgers are loaded with layers of flavour.  Swap marinated short rib for ground beef mixed with sesame, soy, honey and more then pile high with toppers like grilled kimchi and ginger garlic mayo. 
- GRILL IT: Korean BBQ Burger with Grilled Kimchi & Ginger Garlic Mayo
- CHEF’S TAKE: Chef Talde’s Korean BBQ Burger Sliders 

2. Backyard ‘Poke’ Shack – The Hawaiian raw seafood salad, poke, goes full-on grill.  Sear fish or prawns along with fresh summer veggies and fruits for smoky flavour.  Throw into a bowl and mix with citrusy sweet ‘n spicy dressings. 
- GRILL IT: Hawaiian Grilled Tuna & Pineapple 'Poke', Grilled Tuna and Corn 'Poke' with Lime Crema, Grilled Sesame Garlic Prawn 'Poke' with Pickled Radish & Rice 
- CHEF’S TAKE: Chef Simeon’s Ginger-Lime Prawn 'Poke' with Coconut Milk & Rice 

3. Cast Iron Spuds – Bored with cold potato salad? Turn up the flame under old-school cast iron to create intense charred flavours in everything from loaded smashed potatoes to sausage and egg breakfast hashes. 
- GRILL IT: Smokehouse Maple Sausage and Egg Hash, Grilled & Loaded Smashed Potatoes, Charred Sweet Potatoes & Summer Vegetables 
- CHEF’S TAKE: Chef Mixon’s Cast Iron-Grilled Italian Potatoes 

4. White BBQ Sauce – We’re about to blow the cover on the south’s tangy little secret: white BBQ sauce.  It’s a mayo based condiment (no tomatoes in sight!) that’s spooned over grilled or smoked chicken.  Drizzle it on salad greens too, it’s craveable tang will leave you wanting more. 
GRILL IT: McCormick’s White BBQ Sauce with Smoky Chicken

5. Peppered Sticky Sweet Wings – Bold black pepper teams up with ripe summer fruits like blackberries and peaches to create finger lickin’ grilled wings.  Tossed in glaze then served with extra for dunking, this is one sweet-hot way to get the BBQ party in full swing. 
- GRILL IT: Blackberry Pepper Wings, Peach Pepper Wings

For more grilling recipes visit GrillingFlavourForecast.com 


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