Schwartz for Chef and McCormick reveal the hottest culinary trends for 2012

Herbs and spices expert Schwartz for Chef, in partnership with parent company McCormick & Company, Incorporated, a global leader in flavour, uncovers the future of flavour and releases its first ever global Flavour Forecast. Since 2000, the report has showcased McCormick and Schwartz for Chef leadership in culinary trends and innovations. It pinpoints common trends and flavours driving culinary innovation and reveals a singular set of forces driving what we will eat across the globe in coming years. In the UK, Flavour Forecast has been released annually since 2008.

Trends highlighted in the report include honouring a cuisine’s traditional roots, seeking the ultimate in sensory stimulation, a focus on vegetables, simplicity, flavourful swaps, and breaking boundaries.

Flavour Forecast 2012 shapes the future of flavour and is based on a year-long process of culinary exploration, data discovery and insight development. An international panel of chefs, sensory scientists, trend trackers, marketing experts and food technologists from Schwartz for Chef and McCormick collaborated to identify the trends and flavours.

Paola Bassi, Schwartz UK Marketing Director, comments, “This year’s report is the first ever global edition of the Flavour Forecast and underscores our commitment and passion to flavour. No one knows flavour better than McCormick.  We make a difference in the way people create and experience food every day. Flavour Forecast 2012 reveals the surprising finding that the trends driving our food choices are strikingly similar from region to region, even though the specific foods and ingredients we enjoy are rooted in our local cultures.”

To bring this year’s culinary trends and flavour combinations to life in the UK, six recipes have been crafted by McCormick’s Concept Development Chef, Steve Love, a member of the dedicated team of Development Chefs, who collectively identified these flavours which showcase the trends. A total of twelve inspiring on-trend recipes were created for flavour enthusiasts to replicate at home.

Steve Love; “Flavour Forecast 2012 demonstrates six global trends with some inspiring and delicious regional flavour combinations and food experiences, allowing you to eat in many countries without leaving your home nation. Now in its fourth year in the UK, the Flavour Forecast is a catalyst for innovation amongst food manufacturers and foodservice professionals alike, inspiring the food we eat every day, from supermarket products to restaurant offerings. Trends pinpointed in past editions have moved once-edgy ingredients into mainstream popularity and we have no doubt it will continue to further enlighten the global culinary scene.”

With over 100 years of experience and genuine passion for flavour, Schwartz for Chef is McCormick’s leading foodservice “herbs and spices” brand in the UK, offering the greatest variety of herbs, spices and seasonings. Our spice experts from McCormick have travelled the world in search of the best spices and herbs available. With a family of brands in more than 100 countries, McCormick has unrivalled insight into global flavour trends.

Schwartz for Chef’s extensive product portfolio spans many sectors and includes recipe mixes, wet sauces and innovative seasonings.

To learn more about Flavour Forecast 2012 in the UK and explore the future of global flavour, visit


Honouring Roots

Celebrating the origins of a cuisine is a renewed global

priority. Chefs are preserving these roots by applying a fresh perspective that balances modern tastes and cultural authenticity.

Korean Pepper Paste with Sesame, Asian Pear & Garlic – BBQ with a global twist.


Raw Lamb Kibbeh and Asian Pear Salad

Cumin with Sofrito – Authentic Hispanic foundational flavours.


Almond & Date Bulgur Salad with Sofrito

Quest for the Ultimate

Culinary explorers are seeking out combinations that create powerful, harmonic bursts of elemental flavours for the ultimate taste experience. For some, this equals superlative quality; for others, it is about a patchwork of textures, colours and layers of enjoyment.

Dill with Mint, Melon & Cucumber – The ultimate refresher


Watermelon Cooler Cocktail

Meyer Lemon with Lemon Thyme, Limoncello & Lemon Peel – The ultimate lemon experience


Lemon Blanc Cocktail

Veggies in Vogue

Veggies have long suffered from overcooking, over saucing and lack of inspiration. Now, thanks to the enthusiasm of chefs, the quality of seasonal produce and the unstoppable growth of fresh markets, it’s finally veggies time to shine.

Aubergine with Honey & Harissa – Worldly vegetable with sweet heat.


Honey, Harissa Marinated Aubergines wrapped in Kataifi

Squash with Red Curry & Pancetta – Versatile veggie with a touch of Thai


Squash Ribbon Salad with Red Curry Vinaigrette

Simplicity Shines

The most memorable food is often the simplest. Cooks are focusing on quality ingredients with simple preparations. Clear, unpretentious flavours celebrate the basics – and remind us what real food tastes like.

Vanilla with Butter – Pure essentials for real goodness


Jerusalem Artichoke and Vanilla Soup with Seared Scallops

Ginger with Coconut – Warm spice meets tropical favourite


Gingered Banana Tarts with Coconut Ice Cream

Flavourful Swaps

Small changes can help us make consistently better choices for the mind, body and soul – without sacrificing enjoyment. Herbs and spices are a great way to add flavour and improve taste with less fat, salt and sugar.

Red Tea with Cinnamon and Plum – Better-for-you drink meets fruit and spice


Red Tea Ganache with a Cinnamon and Plum Compote

Grapefruit with Red Pepper – A new take on lemon pepper


Cuban Chicken with Salsa Fresca

No Boundaries

Culinary trailblazers are cooking outside the lines by discovering, reinventing and even playing with food. We now have the freedom to explore, shedding the confines of traditional ‘rules’.

Blueberry with Cardamom & Corn Masa – From every day to extraordinary


Blueberry and Cardamom Glazed Ham

Sweet Soy with Tamarind & Black Pepper – Steak Sauce with an Oriental Flair


Tofu, Butternut Squash and Brussels sprout kebabs

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