Schwartz for Chef gains new listings with 3663

More chefs and caterers across foodservice will now be able to add Schwartz for Chef’s seasonings and Freeze Dried Herbs to their recipes, enhancing their creativity with some amazing flavours. Dez Turland, Group Development Chef for Brend Hotels, said of the new listing, “I have been a big fan of Schwartz for Chef for many years and the range of Seasonings are such a versatile addition to their mainstream range of herbs and spices. Now that they are available from 3663, it will be so much more convenient to be able to purchase all of our dry store requirements from the same supplier.”

Something for all Seasons
With over 100 years of experience in sourcing and blending spices, McCormick is well placed as an authority on flavours and the delivery of solutions for chefs. The Schwartz for Chef range of Seasonings listed with 3663 include Mesquite, Blackened Cajun, Montreal Pepper and Piri Piri to name just a few, and are a good example of this; created to add convenience, without any loss of quality or taste.

Blended for the very best flavour combinations, Schwartz for Chef Seasonings are versatile enough used as a simple seasoning on meats, but because of stringent quality control measures and sterilisation processes, can be added to a dish at any stage of the recipe, even just before serving, extending the variety of uses; as a coating when frying chicken, dusted onto chips or wedges before serving for additional flavour impact, as part of the main ingredient in a recipe, as a marinade, a dressing, in a butter to serve on steak or fish or in mayonnaise as a dip on a combi platter; the list is endless!

Premium herbs
Endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs and with five in the range, the Premium collection offers a range of specially selected herbs that have been freeze dried for a superior strength of flavour and a bright appearance, offering the closest alternative to fresh herbs. And because only the highest quality herbs are used, only a small amount is required to deliver maximum flavour.

The Premium range gives improved visual appearance, with better shape and texture than regular dried herbs, and when added to liquids such as soups, sauces and even plain water, they rehydrate instantly. And unlike fresh herbs, they won’t start to deteriorate on the day of delivery.

James Millward, Commercial Director, McCormick (UK) Ltd adds, “We are delighted to have achieved this listing and are looking forward to working with 3663 to promote the range. Our aims are to demonstrate the benefits that our high quality products can add to a recipe in terms of added value, flavour and practicality and show how our Seasonings and Freeze Dried Herbs can offer some great solutions for any kitchen.” Schwartz for Chef herbs and spices are heat treated for microbiological safety making them safe to use, even without cooking. By using the resource of its parent company, McCormick, Schwartz for Chef only supplies 100% pure and authentic products.

Notes to Editors:
Recipes Mixes are available in Mediterranean Herb, Moroccan, Tex Mex, Indian Curry, Savoury Mince and Chilli varieties

Schwartz for Chef is a McCormick Foodservice brand

The McCormick Foodservice Division operates across Europe in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Switzerland. Other McCormick foodservice brands in the UK include Hammonds and Beswicks

The McCormick Foodservice division also supplies a selection of goods under the Noël’s brand. These include their renowned Olives, Cherries and Baking Sundries

McCormick Foodservice is a division of McCormick & Company, Inc., a global leader in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of spices, herbs, seasonings and other flavours, to the entire food industry - to foodservice and food manufacturers, as well as to retail outlets. Founded in 1889 in Baltimore, McCormick has approximately 7,500 employees around the world, with net sales of $3.2 billion in 2009.

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