Simplicity Shines in McCormick’s 2012 Flavour Forecast®

As a global leader in flavour, with a family of brands in 100 countries, McCormick has been at the forefront of identifying emerging culinary trends with its signature Flavour Forecast and since 2000, this annual report has played a distinctive role in shaping the future of flavour.

McCormick’s 2012 Flavour Forecast identifies a number of global themes and reveals a surprising finding; that food lovers around the world have more in common than ever imagined and one of those themes identified by the UK foodservice team as being of relevance to this sector is ‘Simplicity Shines’. 

The most memorable food is often the simplest, made using good quality ingredients and uncomplicated methods.  There is a move away from the complex, towards clear and unpretentious flavours and chefs are celebrating the basics to remind us what ‘real’ food tastes like.

With the continued drive by caterers to attract consumers, new menu opportunities are presenting themselves outside of the traditional meal occasions where simplicity really can shine; snacking and bar food with the growth in all day dining, grazing and the deconstruction of menus and diminishing day parts; sharing plates as consumers seek lighter foods and cheaper alternatives to traditional meals; side orders and accompaniments driven by the operators’ need to increase spend per head and make a point of difference.

McCormick’s Flavour Forecast 2012 has recognised that flavour combinations like Ginger & Coconut and Vanilla & Butter can be used simply to create exciting recipes and these have been demonstrated in a Vanilla Butter Shrimp Roll and Braised Cod with Gingered Carrot and Coconut Sauce, and even in drinks such as Butterscotch Vanillatini! 

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