Paprika (Capsicum Annuum)


Paprika is perfect for adding taste and colour to dishes. Brilliantly bright red in colour, as a garnish paprika will always impress your guests!

A mild powdered spice that comes from red peppers, paprika is a deep red, slightly earthy flavoured spice with a subtle, sweet and peppery taste. Belonging to a family of mild peppers, the term paprika refers both to the fruit and the spice; whilst its found in a variety of forms, it’s most commonly available as a powder.

Research into Paprika research suggests it may aid digestion.

Did you know?

Although related to the hot chilli pepper the cultivation of this plant in the Northern hemisphere has eliminated the capsaicin content which provides the heat in chilli peppers. Paprika was introduced to Hungary by the conquering Turks in 1699.


Paprika should have a bright red colour and a mild, sweet, earthy aroma. Pungency can vary according to the type.


Paprika’s perfect with dishes such as goulash, couscous and chilli con carne.

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